Federal Tax Changes

Tell your MP the proposed tax changes will be devastating to the estimated 25% of farm businesses in Ontario and Canada that are incorporated. The federal Department of Finance has plans to overhaul the private corporation tax system in Canada. If your farm is incorporated, these changes will have a significant impact on your farm – increasing accounting and succession planning fees and severely limiting farm transfer options to the next generation.

Although the public consultation period has now closed, there continues to be serious issue and concern regarding the proposed tax changes. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture continues to encourage members to get involved and voice your concerns.

OFA is working with the business community to prevent the implementation of these changes…but we need your help!

  • Use the form below to send a letter to your MP letting them know the changes will be devastating to your farm
  • We need to act now – public consultations on these tax changes are now closed, but serious issue and concern remains with these proposed changes
  • If approved, the proposed tax changes would go into effect on January 1, 2018
  • Read more about this draft legislation here

Add your voice today. Fill in the field below to send a letter to your MP, Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. You will be able to preview the letter before it is sent electronically.

Thank you for your support of Canadian farm families.

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