Rural Ontario Needs Natural Gas

Did you know that if natural gas was available across the province, it could save Ontario farmers, business owners and rural residents more than $1 billion in annual energy costs?

Rural Ontario is faced with soaring costs of energy – mostly the cost of electricity. Energy is one of the largest inputs on farms, and a significant cost to rural residents and local business owners. We need affordable energy now. Natural gas is the single most important investment that will give farms, businesses and rural residents the competitive edge to drive growth.

Natural gas is a clean, affordable energy source that is readily available. It’s time for the government to provide the infrastructure to rural Ontario to access natural gas opportunities.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is asking the government to commit to a real investment in natural gas infrastructure across rural Ontario to provide a competitive edge for farms and rural businesses. And we need your voice to help government understand the importance of this investment in affordable energy for rural Ontario.

The OFA needs members to show their support for this lobby effort by sending a letter to their Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and key decision-makers within the government. OFA wants a commitment from our government to invest in infrastructure to expand natural gas across rural Ontario.

Voice your support for the expansion of rural natural gas infrastructure by simply filling in your information below. You’ll be able to preview the letter before sending it to your MPP, the Premier of Ontario, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Infrastructure, the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and the Leader of the Ontario New Democrat Party

Thank you for your support of Ontario farm and rural families.

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